Our mission at the College & University Research Collaborative is to:

→ increase the use of non-partisan academic research in policymaking
→ provide an evidence-based foundation for government decision making in RI

The Collaborative has developed a Resource Network of experts from Rhode Island’s 11 colleges and universities, creating a public/private partnership that moves research into action.

FOCUS ON: Research – Regional Competitiveness

Local Purchasing - King (Photo for Summary)


In their research project Analyzing the State of Local Business and Organizational Purchasing in Rhode Island“, researchers Dawn King and Joseph Ilacqua provide a snapshot of local purchasing in Rhode Island, including the local purchasing trends for large Rhode Island institutions and corporations.

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 offers multiple research opportunities for participation from our Resource Network members. Within each Collaborative research area, several levels of funded research projects will take place. By approaching the research areas posed by policy leaders in multiple ways, the Collaborative is able to provide a holistic view of the topic area along with in-depth data and evidence with specific implications for Rhode Island.

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