Our mission at The College & University Research Collaborative is to:

→ increase the use of non-partisan academic research in policymaking
→ provide an evidence-based foundation for government decision making in RI

The Collaborative has developed a Resource Network of experts from Rhode Island’s 11 colleges and universities, creating a public/private partnership that moves research into action.


FOCUS ON RESEARCH: Ensuring Paid Family Leave Pays Off


“Paid family leave, known in Rhode Island as Temporary Caregiver Insurance (TCI), ensures people have the capacity to take time off work to care for their family by providing partial replacement for lost wages and, in Rhode Island, guaranteeing their jobs will be available when they return.”

In the research brief, Ensuring Paid Family Leave Pays Off, Shanna Pearson-Merkowitz, Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, and Student Researcher Rachel-Lyn Longo, University of Rhode Island, examine the utilization and implementation of Paid Family Leave programs and look at ways to help improve the accessibility of these programs.

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FOCUS ON RESEARCH: Good for Business: How States Can Be More Business Friendly

“Cultivating an environment that encourages business creation and growth involves numerous factors, from tax rates and regulatory complexity to the quality of the labor force and transportation infrastructure.”

In the research brief, Good for Business: How States Can Be More Business Friendly, Ramesh Mohan, Ph.D., of Bryant University, looks at how Rhode Island’s business climate ranks in the nation and examines potential ways to help attract businesses to the state.

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IN THE MEDIA: The Collaborative in Rhode Island Monthly

Learn more about how Rhode Island is working with The Collaborative and the Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative to support public policy in the state in the article “Strength in Numbers: Crunching the Numbers to Avoid Costly Mistakes” published in the May 2015 edition of Rhode Island Monthly.

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The Collaborative offers multiple research opportunities for participation from our Resource Network members. Within each Collaborative research area, several levels of funded research projects will take place. By approaching the research areas posed by policy leaders in multiple ways, The Collaborative is able to provide a holistic view of the topic area along with in-depth data and evidence with specific implications for Rhode Island.


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